Fun and effective classes coached by highly experienced trainers.

10 participant per class providing a personal approach. Members only

Rx Hiit

Get your daily fitness fix with our High intensity interval training class. A functional training class performed at high intensity using real exercise movements.

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RxBox – M20 CrossFit classes take place at RxBox in West Didsbury. CrossFit is constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement. CrossFit is a sport and a strength and conditioning programme

Rx Strength

A Strength and conditioning class that involves super setting, tempo training, weight lifting and body weight movements. This class covers all muscle groups. Build or tone up.

Rx Runners

Run in numbers, its safer. A running group for all levels. Put your trainers on and meet at the gym.

Rx Spin

Hit the fat burn effect with our Indoor cycling class. Including interval training and endurance.

Rx Burn

Rx Burn is designed to burn body fat and build an engine. A class that involves cardio and high intensity interval training. This class is done outside in the secret garden or next to the gym.

Rx BootCamp

A fitness class that covers all muscle groups and motivates you to your fitness goal. Train inside or outside with Rx BootCamp it is great fun!

Rx Pilates

Physio lead Pilates class. Strength, fitness, balance, flexibility, Stress relief and weight loss can all improve with a regulator Rx Pilates class.

CrossFit On-Ramp

New to CrossFit or want to improve your CrossFit movements? learn the 9 fundamental movements before joining the main class. Must be a CrossFit member.

Rx Mobility

Great class that will address problem area like the shoulders, scapula, hips, psoas and iliotibial band.

Rx BoxFit

Rx BoxFit is an out door class including boxing techniques and High intensity interval training. Get fit and learn to box’s all levels welcome.

Rx Yoga

A fun and effective class with an up beat style and background music.
Learn the fundamentals of Hatha yoga by working on connecting breath to movement, strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation techniques. For beginners and intermediates, but all levels welcome.