Each day you’ll do a challenging workout that combines the most effective fitness methods coached by highly experienced trainers. Group training leads to lasting community relationships which will keep you accountable. Your classmates will keep you motivated and make working out fun.

Rx Hiit

Hiit your workout of the day, burn body fat and get fit. Rx Hiit is a functional training class performed at high intensity using a variety of gym equipment and coaching methods. This class is for all levels and abilities. The coach is at hand to provide alternative movements scaled up or down if required.

Rx Strength

A strength that involves body building, super setting, tempo training, weightlifting and body weight movements. This class covers all muscle groups. Build or tone up.

Rx Circuit 

Get your Daily fitness fix with our 30min Rx Circuit. Our circuit class is a form of body conditioning that incorporates endurance equipment, free weights, resistance training, high-intensity sets and exercise stations. It is similar to our Rx Hiit (high-intensity interval training) class but you move to different stations. This class is for all abilities and it has been designed to burn body fat and build strength.

Rx Conditioning

A DIY conditioning session. The details of the Rx Conditioning session can be found on the whiteboard next to the cardio equipment. This session is designed to improve your endurance, burn body fat and improve health. Sometimes we just want get a good sweat on and burn cals!

Rx Pump

A full body workout that is guaranteed to burn fat, tone up and improve your fitness. A combination of barbell movements and core work with high reps and low weight. It combines functional, compound exercises that will work multiple muscle groups. The coach will make this class assessable for all levels and abilities.

Rx Pilates

Physio lead Pilates class. Strength, fitness, balance, flexibility, Stress relief and weight loss can all improve with a regulator Rx Pilates class. Located at our sister site CrossFit Didsbury.

Rx Yoga

A fun and effective class with an up beat style and background music.
Learn the fundamentals of Hatha yoga by working on connecting breath to movement, strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation techniques. For beginners and intermediates, but all levels welcome. Located at our sister site CrossFit Didsbury.

Virtual Live Spin Classes

Live and on-demand indoor cycling spin classes by top trainers. Choose from hundreds of on-demand classes whenever you feel like going for a spin. Add duration, difficulty, free weights, and music styles. This private indoor Technogym Live bike offers you more choice than ever and you can burn well over 600 Calories a ride.

Semi-Private Personal Training (SPPT)

SPPT offers a personalised approach, with individualised programmes tailored to each participant’s goals and fitness level. Unlike group classes, SPPT lets you progress at your own pace with expert guidance and only 4 participants per class. SPPT is very cost-effective and focuses on results. All for just £25 per session! SPPT membership required for SPPT sessions JOIN NOW

On Demand workouts

Not able to physically attend a class? No problem check out RxGym On Demand platform via the RxGym App. We have over 180 On Demand workouts available for you to do at home or on Holiday as part of your membership.